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Forex trading for beginners to make profits
Forex in short is trading and exchanging currencies online. They are very similar to the daily transactions that each of us perform when dealing with exchange companies when they need to convert from one currency to another, to achieve profits from Forex trading in a short period of time, such as achieving profits from petroleum trading, metals trading, gold trading.

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What is the benefit of trading currencies online?
In the Forex market, you can take advantage of the real-time movements around the clock and enter into short deals through which you can achieve considerable profits. You can also take advantage of the financial leverages provided by brokerage companies.

How is currency trading via the Internet?
Online trading takes the form of speculation. This means that when a trader buys or sells a particular currency, the currency purchased does not really belong to the buyer. They are bets on high and low prices.

What is the profit rate in the Forex market?
The Forex market, like all other types of trading, is potentially profitable and losing. There is absolutely no way to talk about a fixed profit rate in this market. This depends on the trader himself and his ability to analyze the markets correctly.

What is the point in Forex?
A point in Forex or Pip is the smallest unit that expresses price movements. As we express distance in meters, price movements in the currency markets can be expressed in point units.

What is a lot in Forex?
The lot or contract in Forex is the one that expresses the amount of money that is being traded. Just as we say that we bought from the market 3 kilos of tomatoes, we use the lot or contract to express the value of the money that is traded in the Forex.

What is meant by spread in Forex?
The spread is the difference between the sale price and the purchase price, which is the commission that brokerage firms charge for the services they provide.

What is fixed spread in the Forex market?
Some brokerage firms use variable spreads. That is, the difference between the bid and ask price (the commission of the company) changes from time to time. For example, spread in daylight hours may be a point or less. But at night hours it may rise to more than 5 points. In the case of fixed spreads, the Forex Company does not change the spread (commission difference) at any time during the day.

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